: I may assume a lease on a Rx-8, Good idea??

03-20-08, 12:28 PM
there is 11 months left on the lease and 19000 miles to use up. The monthly payment is $350. I have to pay a $250 application fee. Then I would pay $150 for a one way flight to Atlanta and a bunch of gas to drive it back. I think its a good deal cuz i don't have to put any money down, I get a ton of miles, and its a short term, which is good for me cuz I get bored quick. Not to mention I get a sweet, fun car to drive for a year and pound the heck out of and not have to worry about maintenance. Your impressions?

03-20-08, 12:33 PM
Not a bad deal at all. Those things handle like their on rails

03-20-08, 01:48 PM
Well I guess if it's just short term, then I'd do it. My cousin had an '04, and he said the darn thing was always in the shop. The warranty he bought on it paid for it's self multiple times! But if it's still under the factory warranty, I would.

03-20-08, 03:42 PM
yeah its under warranty the entire time

Cadillac Tony
03-20-08, 04:25 PM
I had one of the first '04 6MTs, and that car was a blast to drive. There were a TON of early recalls and TSBs, mostly reflashing the PCM 10 different ways to try and keep them from eating cats or flooding when cold.

If it's going to be under warranty the whole time I say go for it and enjoy. :D

03-20-08, 07:15 PM
they suck gass like a pig.... wore them my cadillac.
and ... where the power? its all revs.. stupid revs.

03-20-08, 07:33 PM
They are supposed to be very thirsty, but a lot of fun to drive. If gas mileage is a concern, then I'd pass. If you are curious about the pros and cons of a Wankel rotary ...... it would seem to me to be a relatively cheap way to learn about them.

03-20-08, 09:06 PM
yeah I would prefer a 350z for better mpg and more power. But the rear seats may be easier to get past the wife. I read 18 city 24 hwy for the rx8. I got a geo metro I could mix in a few days so it would be alright.

03-20-08, 09:41 PM
you will be hard pressed to get 21MPG.
i do hi way every day and that is the BEST i could get
i had 6 Spd manny with the "bigger" motor

03-20-08, 10:38 PM
I had an RX-7 Turbo and it cornered so hard you could feel your guts slosh. The only annoying feature was that you couldn't set the cruise control above 100MPH. Put a Garrett turbo on it and it's an 8 second car in the quarter.

03-21-08, 04:12 PM

03-21-08, 04:27 PM
2nd generation Mazda rotaries are the most reliable engine in history. Only 0.1% of the owners report engine trouble and the average milage that the trouble occurrs is 168,000 miles. "Engine trouble" reported includes stuff like running out of gas.