View Full Version : Why doesn't the 2007 and up Escalade have flash to pass feature?

03-20-08, 12:03 PM
Please forgive me and accept my apologies in advance if this is a re-post, but why doesn't the 2007 and up Escalade have a basic feature like flash to pass?

You would think in this day and age where every other vehicle on the road has flash to pass, it makes me wonder why the 2007 and up Escalade which is a vehicle in the $60K range doesn't have it. Other GM vehicles have this feature, so why does one of their most expensive vehicles NOT have it? I understand that the Escalade has Bi-Xenon headlamps, but so do other vehicles on the road and they still managed to find a way to install flash to pass.

As Jerry Seinfeld says: "What's the deal?"


03-20-08, 12:15 PM
i agree, i dont understand aswell

03-20-08, 12:39 PM
The list of features this truck doesn't have but ought to have is a long one. Bluetooth, telescoping steering wheel, iPod interface, console between the 2nd row seats, etc, etc. Vehicles that cost far less have these features, go figure.

03-20-08, 12:59 PM
Flash to pass is not good with these HID lights. I too was pissed off when I found out my 06 SRX did not have flash to pash, but was educated by this forum on why they don't have the feature. The technical reason, I don't recall. But, there was a consensus at the time that it did in fact make sense. I will try to look for the old SRX thread that I started with the same exact query as AERO1. To flash to pass, I push my foglight button now. It automatically turns all lights on, along with the fogs. Seems to work for me.

03-20-08, 01:07 PM
As said with the HID's the quick on and off would kill the life of the bulb and ballast, I do miss as I drive all over the country, now I just push cars out of the way ;)

03-20-08, 02:32 PM
I really miss the Flash to pass too. I now use the fog lights as my flash.
Don't really help on the highway because the fogs lights are so low, but it's nice around town to signal someone to let them out of a side street etc.
I know it's asking a Lot from GM but too bad GM just didn't have a set of regular lights to be used specifically for Flash to pass. ;)