: DVD Player

03-19-08, 09:50 PM
Hey, I'm new here but have been a Cadillac owner for almost 2 years now.

I have a 1997 Eldorado with a Bose sound system and was thinking about installing a DVD Player. I was looking around Best Buy one day and got to talking with a worker there about how Bose runs on (either 2 or 4 ohm's) whichever is not standard and he said that it wouldn't be possible to rewire it to convert the ohms to the standard one without buying all new speakers...

I was wondering if this guy was telling the truth or if there is some sort of converter that would allow the ohms to be changed so i could use the Bose system installed already?

03-19-08, 10:34 PM
yea an no
i work at best buy but i actually know what im talking about
bose in caddys runs 1 ohm period
no theres no aftermarket speak that runs this
if you go aftermarket you must replace and rewire everything
search as this has been covered many times before

03-22-08, 11:13 PM
I agree with CadillacSTS2003, If you really want to install a DVD in your car with bose setup, Be prepare to buy some aftermarket speakers, install new wires (I wouldn't use the factory wiring..since its hooked up to the factory amp..trust me its pain in the ass) I have Pioneer DVD in my 99 Deville, with DTS 5.1 surround sound and back-up camera (I have very dark tinted windows, its impossible to back up in the dark!) and I love it! Good luck!

03-24-08, 12:26 PM
Does your radio have the 'Source' button? If so, why don't you look for a stock changer. I think it would be a 6 disk changer that goes into the console. It should already be wired in there with the connector.

The only problem is deciding which is the correct changer. There are several, but you need the one that will work with your year Cadillac.

03-25-08, 09:28 AM
LCLCLC, Thats another option he could do, but I believe Cusey1685 wants a DVD player, with the screen. Maybe with iPod hook up and everything.