: Throttle Body

05-22-04, 03:06 PM
Will cleaning my throttle body make my car any more responsive? I have 70K on it.

05-22-04, 04:51 PM
If it's dirty it sure will.

05-22-04, 11:28 PM
Cleaning the throttle body will have absolutely no effect on the performance of the engine. A dirty throttle body will cause possible idle speed control problems (stalling or a possible surge) and can also cause a "sticky" feeling throttle when driving away but it will have absolutely no impact on the performance of the engine.....

The throttle body doesn't do anything but control the air flow to the engine so "dirt" or deposit build up will affect the performance....just the air flow control when the throttle is closed where the deposits can cuase a shift in the air flow past the edge of the closed blade affecting the idle speed control gain rates.

05-23-04, 12:33 AM
i noticed a very nice improvement in responsivness, and overall power when i cleaned my very dirty TB

it almost seemed like a week later it lost its extra snap, kinda like the computer slowly cut back on the power, i really think are cars have a very agressive torque management, which is why i might end up investing in the chip they make for 95 auroras.

edit: now that i think of it, i cleaned my very dirty k&n at the same time, so maybe it wasn't so much the TB, but still, it had a huge return of lost power (the air filter was really bad, had all kinds of crap on it) for like 5 days it felt much more powerful, then it kinda lost its edge, more than before the cleaning, but not as much as right after, i think its the computer, same reason i can barely chirp the tires with my 4.0, it is 250hp/260tq with 3.71 gears after all, plus full cat-back/intake. what ive noticed is that after mods (like the full exhaust/cat) it has a good increase in power, but the computer compensates for it within a few days.