: Navigation. Please Help.

03-19-08, 03:31 AM
Hello i have a Navigation Unit in my 2006 Escalade. I have a 2003 disk. I was just wondering. WHen i am driving the little streets on the map do not display? Why is that? Also OLD adresses that have been there for like 50 years or so, when i click on enter destination and enter the street number and then the number of the house cant be punched in because the first starting digit is unclickable. Is it because the cd is old? Also if the whole Navigation ting runs off of a cd, why do u need a GPS Antenna for? Thank you for any help.

03-20-08, 12:33 AM
Are you sure you're zoomed in enough to see the streets? You've probably got the wrong zone selected for looking up the address. And, uh, the map data is on the disc -- the GPS antenna is to connect to the satellite pinpoint your location...

04-01-08, 12:26 PM
Yes i am zoomed in enough and i have the right zone selected. So do you think its because of the disk? Maybe i should get a new disk? Whats the newest version? Thank you.