: Stereo or Mono

03-18-08, 05:10 PM
im getting ready to install my line converter for my sub and i need to know if i should wire it up for stereo or mono...thanks in advance

03-18-08, 10:40 PM

09-13-09, 04:49 PM
Well I know this thread is old but I just wanted to add my input for anyone else who reads this. If your tapping into your factory subwoofer then your only going to get a mono signal. On your LOC one set of wires control one RCA (L) and the other set controls the other RCA (R). Both pairs should only be used when your tapping into left and right rear speakers (2) but wont make a difference when tapping into a single subwoofer. Some cheap LOC's (Best Buy) act up when they send the same signal through both RCA's.