: The smell of coolant~

03-18-08, 04:26 PM
Hi Gang! My 1998 STS Seville w/ 70,000 miles just started to get that coolant smell after light riding! Am I doomed? This seems to be the only problem so far. Has a little problem after 3 or 4 shorts trips with starting. Has to work a little to turn over! Is there anything I should be doing to put off the invitable? Thanks!

03-18-08, 04:54 PM
Not good news. Is the coolant smell under the hood or from the exhaust ? What do the insides of the exhaust pipe tips look and feel like ? (Black and fluffy, wet and sticky, dry and gray/brown ?) Do you now have to add any coolant ? On the starting thing.....is the original battery still in there or does it sound like the engine is grinding too hard too long to fire up ?

03-18-08, 06:13 PM
Does it run a little rough for say 1/2 a minute after it does start?

03-20-08, 01:29 PM
Yes it seems to run a little rough but only at the beginning! Runs smooth very shortly after!

03-20-08, 01:33 PM
The smell very much seems to be coming from under the hood! Towards the windsheild.There is no smoke coming from the tips of the exhaust. They seem very clean and shiny. Have not had to add any coolant although it is a recent purchase and have not changed the oil or checked the fluids. The oil was changed and a full dealership inspection was done prior to delivery. I did walk by a GMG vehicle the other day and it had the same odor!

03-20-08, 02:14 PM
First off update your CP ["User CP" towards top of this page] to include the year and model of your car, it helps helpers know what you have easily, and WELCOME to the definitive Cadillac Owners forum site. Many resources here, search around, get familiar and ask questions. K_C

BTW - I doubt your doomed, just on a learning curve, it'll settle down.

03-26-08, 11:38 AM
The user CP? Seville STS 1998 71,000 miles. Puff! Pearl white with chrome wheels.