: This guy is smoking something GOOD

03-17-08, 06:43 PM
Unless he accidentally added an extra '0'


03-17-08, 07:18 PM
wouldn't be suprised if the odometer rolled over

03-17-08, 10:57 PM
Well its not how much you want to get for it, its how much people are willing to give you for it... My car was near perfect in a like new condition when I got it, and funny thing the car was on eBay and the buy it now price was 8250 and the auction was ending in the evening, well that same morning the price had risen to around 7900 and I said screw it and I hit the buy it now button... so thats how I got mine, the car was worth it and I was willing to pay top dollar to have it... today in the condition that it is with a 2 harsh winters under its belt I doubt I would be able to get even half that amount even if I wanted... a bit more wear and tear, as well as about 30K miles added to the odometer... so that guy can dream all he wants...

My dad bought an old Oldsmobile, it was early 90s one, the thing had 4000mi on it, did an oil change and a few other maintenance things then turned around and posted it for sale.... he made about 5500$ clean money on it, cuz he got it for 500 and the guy that came to see it offered 6K for it... so my dad didn't even have to put a price on it...

BUt again this dude is certainly on crack...