: Got The Gto,sold the Catera Miss it

03-16-08, 08:39 AM
Hey guys i sold my catera friday to a friend of mine and he loves it were getting ready to put a new idler arm on it and new struts.

I did however get a GTO saturday. It crazy how much the gto reminds me of the catera fyi i think the gto hood supports will work for catera as well as 04 gto brakes and gto shocks and others ill keep my eyes out and let you of anything else

Heres a few pics and sound clip video its a 2004 with 05 bumper and 06 tails with JBA catback exhaust I highly suggest you guys look into gettin one the prices are pretty good mine was 15k (i have low interest 5 yr loan) I pay 198 a month


http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v695/tzeller/04-06%20GTO/th_CLIP0084.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v695/tzeller/04-06%20GTO/?action=view&current=CLIP0084.flv) :x

03-16-08, 09:11 AM
It's ok it looks like a nice car, TRADER . lol... Anyway I would have went for the CTS but nice car.

03-16-08, 10:55 AM
The CTS? What? i gotta have the LS1. CTS V maybe ?lol

03-16-08, 03:57 PM
nice buy, how is insurance on that beast

03-16-08, 04:22 PM
That is one car to be proud of mate... BTW a few months ago i was messing around with this chick she had the same 04gto with some strange looking body kit, well long story short i catch up to her and she waits just until I am on her bumper and she floors it... and one one of those runs I decided to try and stay on her tail... I looked around no cars so I figured why not... she had an ATX, I dropped down to 3rd, waited for the TC to lock up... and pulled to her tail, and of course she floors it, so I do the same... and surprisingly I was on her ass for the first few seconds then she probably up shifted and started gaining on me, probably got 1-2 cars and I noticed she let off... at that point my speedo was passing the 1XXmph mark.. and I noticed I started to catch up to her... , so I give her all I got, and I was able to pass her in a mater of a few seconds... and I backed off right at the top of 3rd gear which was well into the 1XX... she later passed me and gave me the thumbs up... I was kinda proud of my Cat... A.K.A. GTO Granny... I think that the girl never expected me to keep up with all the way up to that speed... and the GTO with the ATX is probably geared more for acceleration and less for top end... which is exactly where my car has balls...

03-16-08, 10:30 PM
Ha ha nice man yea the six speed is a tad quicker i love this car. Go drive a used one all of you lol
Insurance well......... we switched companies and it went down 300 bucks a year!!! my plan as part of my parents is like 1250 per year full coverage of me in gto it was 1600 in my catera with old company. i got very lucky cause if we stayed with old company it would have been 2,000 a year Im 20 so insurance gets me pretty bad usually and i have no violations either. Lets just say im lucky i sold my catera got a sweet gto for 15k and put 5k down have a 5 year loan and pay 195 a month very affordable and i graduate college in 2 years i will pay it off asap after school my dad cosigned the loan

03-16-08, 11:11 PM
I plan on picking one up this summer, once I am out of school, but I am gonna go all out and get a 06 with as low miles as I can get... and I will probably keep it stock for a while... with gas prices the way they are I think I will stick with driving it slow for a while... or I will just drive it on the weekends or something...

I have a few friends at school that have them one of which is 800RWHP monster, with a twin turbo set up... and his girlfriend has one which is supercharged... and surprisingly she can keep up with her 5.7L and he has a 6.0 but a lot has been done to hers...

Well congrats and dont forget to drive it like you stole it... I am happy for you man... so I assume you are not coming to our 1st Catera meet then... since you dont got one anymore?

03-17-08, 12:27 AM
Most likely not but maybe and i could be a 2004 gto brakes sales booth lol i may be able to locate 2 pair one from me if i decide to go 05 or 06 and one from my friend who already went 05 brakes so i do know of atleast one set available for sale where did you decide to meet?

03-17-08, 08:10 AM
...ahhh cool, cant wait for that meet, which I think is going to happen somewhere in the chicago land area... I just cant wait to gather up with some of the catera folks work on the cars, and maybe take them for a cruise in the downtown area, up and down lake shore... it should be a fun time...

03-17-08, 11:23 AM
congrats man... car looks sweet, and sounds like a great ride.. unfortuanatly up here in canada, GTO's aren't for sale, and we can't import them either so I haven't been able to even see one let alone drive one