: Pitted Rim Cleaning

05-21-04, 10:10 PM
Hi guys,

Just picked up a 1992 Deville last week. After some TLC Waxed her , chrome polish, vacum, etc, looking pretty good. The car is in great shape inside and out, except ....for the rims. This is the worse tire but all of them have similar "marks". I was wondering if there was a way to clean this up. I will evenutally get new rims , but would rather wait till next year (gas these days is enough of a money pit what!).

I would appreacite any isight ( I tried a rim cleaner solution and hig pressure hose no good, I assume this has to be steel wool job or perhaps some kind of buffering tool on a power drill).

THanks !

05-22-04, 02:29 AM
I tried to sand mine, it took forever, I think they need to be recoated or what have you.

I'd love to hear a better answer though as I have the same issue.