: VIN numbers

03-14-08, 05:36 PM
just got courious about all my vin numbers so i did some research. and now i need some help.

i went here http://www.autobaza.pl/ab/en/web/productaa0100 and it says my car was built in Russelsheim, Germany
Manufacturer: GM
Make: Cadillac MPV
Line: Catera

now here http://www.mitchellsupport.com/ondemand5/VIN/VIN.pdf (page 44)

i was looking and for my first 5 of my VIN is WO6VR.
first letter is country: w = germany
second letter is manuf. all it says is G = GM, now does O = Opel?
third letter is division: 6 = cadillac
4 & 5th is car line: VR = Catera

im all sorts of confused with this. can anyone help me?

03-14-08, 06:52 PM
Confused, how? GM owns Opel. Opel built the Catera in Russelsheim Germany in the same plant as the Omega, which it was based on. The Catera was sold by Cadillac as a Cadillac. What don't you understand?


03-14-08, 07:29 PM
i didn't know GM own'd opel, nothing i've ever read mentioned it. thanks for clearing it all up for me

03-15-08, 09:07 AM
Yeah, GM is an octopus with tentacles all over the world. They sell Opels all over Europe, except in Britain where they build them as Vauxhalls. They also own Saab (Sweden), Holden (Australia), Daewoo (Korea), Isuzu & Suzuki (Japan), and a new division in China.

GM sells cars from other worldwide divisions, like Holden, in South America as Chevrolets. Same deal in Africa and the Middle East.They run the Pacific Region in much the same way except the don't badge the cars as Chevrolets. The cars are sold according to their manufacturer. Buick, Chevy, Saab, Holden, etc. Cadillacs are Cadillacs worldwide and never rebadged.

This is just a quick overview. Ford does the same thing and Chrysler might but since they got dumped by Mercedes Benz I'm not sure. Chrysler's in trouble and might end up bought by another company.