: 2000 catera strut mount replacement

03-13-08, 08:18 PM
Can anyone here give me the steps to replacing my front passenger strut mount on my 2000 catera? The mount is broken, so I ordered and recieved the new one. Do I have to get myself a spring compresser to hold the spring when i take everything apart or thats not needed. I'm worried about taking it apart and the spring bursting or later i'll have to compress it back in order to put it back. Thanks!

03-13-08, 09:28 PM
i just replaced mine on 2001 catera sport.

but for me i was able to take the whole strut off the car first (off the HUB and from under the hood.) after that you can compress the spring take off the top bushings put the spring on the new mount. put the bushings back on, take off the spring compressor then attack back to your car. took me about 2 hours to do by myself. but i had to cut the top of the old strut off cause i stripped the threads trying to take the bolt off.

one thing i had a problem with was i didn't look when i replaced it, but the new strut mount didn't come with a bolt for under the hood. since i stripped the old one i had to run around and find one. its an unusual thread type i ended up having to go to the dealership who happend to have one laying around for like $6