View Full Version : 2000 catera turn signal flasher issue

03-13-08, 02:38 PM
My 2000 catera has a problem with the turn signal flashing that whenever I turn the right or left turn signal it flashes really fast and then slow (changing all the time). I cheacked and all my light bulbs are working great. I'm thinking it might be the "turn signal flasher relay" but i'm not sure. Does anyone know where to get really cheap ones if that's the case? Thanks!

03-13-08, 02:43 PM
Check autozone for one, they should be standard GM relays, I had a similar issue and mine turned out to be the connection on the bulb was not good, so when it was gold it didnt work but when you tap the lens or the weather warmes up it would work... so I just tightened the terminals and fixed my issues...

When it flashes real fast see which bulbs are flashing, the one that isnt is the problem... now do your turn signals light up when you turn the parking lights on... if they do you have a blown bulb for sure...

05-23-12, 05:24 PM
In my 2000 catera, I recently changed my battery and my speedo, psi doesn't work. My brake, air bag and TC lights are on. Also my radio won't work and my signal lights plus the position stick itself won't click. OMG, WTW!!! (Please help someone.)

03-19-13, 03:36 PM
Just wonderng if anyone had this fixed? I changed the flasher relay and the bulbs are fine but still speratically flashes fast when it's cold outside.

Any ideas?

03-19-13, 07:23 PM
As I and others have stated before, the car is an electrical nightmare. Seat memory, worked and sometimes tried to fold me in half.