: One Year in the Making...

03-13-08, 10:19 AM
Washed her and took some pictures, then I went to save them and realized that exactly one year ago I washed her and took some other pictures.... well here is the difference... A year ago she was a Cadillac Catera Sport, and today she has transformed into a Opel Omega...

03-10-2007 :stirpot:

03-10-2008 :worship:



03-13-08, 08:19 PM
Nice. I see you have IL plates. I'm in ChiTown 60622.
Can you update what you changed (grill, decals on rims, exhaust), and where you found it all.
Also, I'm in need of new rubber, I have BF Goodrich Traction T/A, but I see you have Kuhmo's? Do you like them? Are they quiet, cause mt Traction T/A's are loud on the highway.

03-14-08, 09:10 AM
Well I bought a lot of the stuff on Craigs list and eBay, Grill was from Germany so was the plate... custom ordered with my american numbers. As for rubber I wanted quiet as well as grippy all season traction and cost was a big deal because when you get to the 245 45 17 tires these can get expensive... I think with instalation and all it cost me a total of 400$. ...ohh and yes they do fit, without any rubbing. Kumho is about to become a very respected company as they make some high quality tires, even better then companies like Pirelli, and Michelin... so far I had Pirelli P6 and I hated them... thought my car was a natural drifter, the back end got loose over every corner... with these I can barely get them to squeal... and the OD of the tire is closer to the real thing... OEM OD was 25.1" and now they are at 25.6" so the speedo is more accurate now... recomended is a 25.7" from the factory...

03-15-08, 07:07 PM
Yup, that's an MV6 all right. Very nice looking car.

Please post again when you get the optional MV6 manual transmission installed!:duck:

03-15-08, 09:58 PM
Yup, that's an MV6 all right. Very nice looking car.

Please post again when you get the optional MV6 manual transmission installed!:duck:
:thepan: where does it say its an MV6... :rant2:

Cadi Cat
03-16-08, 12:13 AM
this is the MV6....I think


03-16-08, 12:37 AM
The MV6 was at the very top of the line, which is what the Cadillac engineers took to transform into the Catera, they decided against the manual because people in that buy these cars hardly ever choose anything but an AUTO... so the Catera sport is a very close brother to the MV6 featurwise... hmmm maybe they should have called it the AV6 or something.. who cares...