: PC based Scan tools

03-13-08, 09:54 AM

I am in the market for a PC based Scan tool and was wondering if anyone on this forum could provide opinions on the following:

1. Autotap
2. ScanXL ELM
3. Auto Enginuity's Scan tool


03-14-08, 10:51 AM
I played with an older ELM, too slow to be much use. XL might be better. scantools.net.

03-18-08, 08:18 PM
I have MXScan now, sort a limited for some apps. What applications (cars/trucks) are you thinking of?

EASE is one that is gaining a lot of popularity in the TunerCat OBD2 circles.


03-22-08, 10:39 PM
Check out these guys:


Very simple interface to use. Stable and good.

03-23-08, 11:47 AM
Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.


PCMSCAN is a fully featured OBD-II scanner and diagnostic tool. It allows viewing, charting, logging and playback of diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle's OBD-II diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's), Freeze Frame data, and other vehicle information.

PCMSCAN supports 1996 and newer passenger vehicles whether it be US, Asian, or European.
Supported OBD-II protocols: SAE-J1850 (PWM and VPW), ISO-9141, ISO-14230 (KWP2000), and ISO-15765 (CAN).

PCMSCAN Features

Virtual Dashboards

Highly configurable realistic looking gauges.
Gauges can be moved, resized, and laid out to resemble your own dashboard.
Virtual dashboard layouts can be loaded and saved from pre-existing templates or your own custom creations.
Gauges can be configured to report the minimum, maximum, and average values of the parameter being monitored.
Highly configurable graphs allow simultaneous graphing of up to 8 parameters per graph.
Tables can be placed on virtual dashboards and customized to report any parameters you want.
Maps can be placed on virtual dashboards and customized to display a full 3D view of any desired parameters.
You can set up an unlimited number of gauges, graphs, tables, and maps on your virtual dashboard.
http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/dashxl_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/dashxl_big.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/gauges_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/gauges.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/graphs_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/graphs.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/maps_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/maps.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/custom_dash_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/custom_dash.png)

Drag Strip and Dyno

The drag strip displays a countdown and timing light and measures your launch and reaction time. At the end of your run, you get a timeslip with the stats from the run.
Measures reaction time, 60' time, 330' time, 0-60 MPH, 1/8 mile ET, 1/8 mile speed, 1000' time, 1/4 mile ET, 1/4 mile speed.
If you use aftermarket performance parts, the new digital dyno feature will let you test horsepower and torque to measure their impact on your vehicle's performance-- just try out the dyno and see if those parts were worth the money!
Supports both Engligh and Metric units of measurement.

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/dragstrip_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/dragstrip_big.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/dyno_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/dyno_big.png)


Data Logging

Currently supports over 160 generic OBD-II parameters, including O2 sensors.
Also supports all aux. input parameters available from the Innovate Motorsports LM-1 Wide Band O2 meter.
Also supports the AEM UEGO wide band O2 meter as an aux. input.
Also supports the TechEdge wide band O2 meter as an aux. input.
You can record and playback log files in real time (1ms logging accuracy).
You can save and load your log files for offline analysis.
Playback speed can be adjusted to play faster or slower than real time.
There are no restrictions on how much data you can log, it is only limited by how fast your OBD-II interface cable can send the data and by how much memory you have in your computer.
English and Metric (SI) unit measurement systems supported.
Customizable log file data export to .CSV file for easy viewing in other programs like Excel.
Export with real-time stamps for easy correlation with external data logs.
PIDs can be assigned priorities to speed up the data capture rate.
Full support for data log file bookmarks - if you notice the engine misfiring or some other problem, using the log file bookmarks you can just reach over and press F6 to add a bookmark into the logged data that is being recorded. Then you can come back at any time and see exactly where the bookmark is and view the surrounding frames of data to analyze the problem.

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/pid_config_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/pid_config.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/data_view_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/data_view.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/screenshots/new/pcmscan_log_file_export_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/screenshots/new/pcmscan_log_file_export.png)

Trouble Codes

Read stored and pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
Clear the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator light.
Read and clear stored Freeze Frame data.
Supports thousands of vehicle trouble code definitions

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/trouble_codes_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/trouble_codes.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/freeze_frame_data_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/freeze_frame_data.png)

Test Results

Read the status of Continuously and Non-Continuously Monitored Tests.

http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/monitor_status_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/products/pcmscan/screenshots/monitor_status.png)


Full support for printing and print preview.
All of the different views, including the virtual dashboards, support printing/print preview.
For those who possess a knowledge of the OBD-II protocol, PCMSCAN provides an OBD-II Terminal where you can send custom commands to the vehicle.
For the power users out there, PCMSCAN™ now has built-in Javascripting support to do custom calculations on OBD-II parameters and data.
Configurable alerts system - the alerts system allows you to configure the software to monitor any parameter(s) you like. When the specified conditions are met, the software will automatically play a sound (to warn you if you are driving) or insert a bookmark for you into the logged data that is being recorded.

http://www.palmerperformance.com/screenshots/new/pcmscan_gauges_print_preview_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/screenshots/new/pcmscan_gauges_print_preview.png)

http://www.palmerperformance.com/screenshots/new/pcmscan_graphs_print_preview_small.png (http://www.palmerperformance.com/screenshots/new/pcmscan_graphs_print_preview.png)

Interface Cables
PCMSCAN supports the following OBD-II interface adapters:

Autotap AT1, AT2, AT3, AT123 (v2.x)
VIA LDV100, LDV200, LDV300, LDV123
Multiplex Engineering T16
ELM320, ELM322, ELM323 (v2.x)
ELM327 (all versions)
Any SAE-J2534 compliant OBD-II interface.

03-26-08, 12:19 AM
I just downloaded it, does it work with the TunerCat Cable? Any idea what the TunerCat Cable has for a processor in it?

03-26-08, 12:26 AM

03-27-08, 10:00 PM
I just downloaded it, does it work with the TunerCat Cable? Any idea what the TunerCat Cable has for a processor in it?

ask Camaro1

09-07-08, 12:17 PM
i have several tools like

Open tune pc based data logger and scanner DTC etc
from innovate motorsports

pda/Pc dyno from nology

scantool.net and powerdyn

i should test it on my 1996 eldorado soon