: Air ram cones

Tommy Deville
03-10-08, 07:43 PM
Are they worth it?
i was thinking of replacing my air filter & box with one, do they really make the N* "sound" better?

03-10-08, 08:31 PM
That is about all it will do.

03-10-08, 08:38 PM
:canttalk: :alchi: Given the size of the cone and the diameter of the pipe it might do something, maybe, at 300mph +. They've been around, once in a while, since the 40's and haven't lost their snake oil appeal yet. Remember P.T. Barnum's quote.............

Tommy Deville
03-11-08, 01:55 AM
yes i remember, i was looking for more of a muscle car sound than power.

03-14-08, 11:47 AM
Muscle Cars do not have SUCKING noises, at least audible ones....
they have exhaust noises.
Wanna gain some high end and get a sound that actually indicated youve truly done something then get a Corsa (not available for a 97) or build a knock off (like i did on my ETC and STS).
Otherwise go on ebay and buy a "zoomer" which attaches to your exhaust tips and makes the car sound like its got a turbo...
After all thats what your looking for here, to make your car sound really really fast...