: what would be best

03-10-08, 12:57 AM
i was thinking to go after market if i cant get a nav for my car from sts2003

what is the best setup

amp spkers

or amped spkers and subwoofer

or just normal hooked up spkers and a sub

03-10-08, 11:36 AM
Be prepared to be confused out of your mind. There is no best but you'll have a million people giving you their opinions of what's best. All valid opinions but what's best is ultimately up to you. When I had my DTS the stock bose system was perfect for me but my ETC definitely needs replacements.

Fwiw I've heard infinity kappa perfects are great components, don't have first hand experience but I've read a lot of positive reviews.

Cadillacsts2003 can probably give you some of his own input and cadillackid (eldokid?) might too