: Simple Stupid Question

03-09-08, 10:49 PM
I just bought a replacement radio for my 83 Eldorado. I pulled the connectors out of the harness. I think they were green yellow and blue (something like that) I didn't write down the order that they came out because I thought it was going to be one big piece not three small ones. Can someone please tell me the order to replace them? :shhh:

06-28-08, 07:08 AM
that anwser to your question is idk but what i do know is two of the three is your speakers and they are labeled with letter with the car OFF you can feed a audio source to two of the wires on ONE harness to see if you hear music out the car. or you can play musical wires, one one of the harness has a black wire and on my deville it had two yellow wires and one was bigger that the other yellow that harness is you power/ground etc this harness powers the radio you want to figure that one out first. i believe its the topone. but if you plug this one only in the wrong place the radio wont come on but if you do it will. on the other two are your front and rear. on this harness you cound put the balance on front and plug the harness in to see if it matches what you put the fade on . or you could look in the trunk or take the front speakers out and check the colors of the wires because the color you see on the harness by the radio is the same on the speakers good luck