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03-09-08, 09:55 PM
Hi everyone,

I recently put a lot of time into drawing up logo that we could use for clothing and window stickers.

I had it printed on a hoodie for testing and it came out great. (You can see below.)

I'd like to see how much interest there is for some t-shirts. If I can get 15 people to commit I can get them made for $13 each. They are printed on high quality t-shirts, and the image is screen printed on to ensure it lasts.

I'm thinking black t-shirts with a white logo and white shirts with a black logo. They will be $13 plus a couple bucks for shipping or I can bring them to one of our events if you'd like to wait.

I think it's a pretty good price since a blank t-shirt would probably go for that price anyways. They will be available in all sizes.

If you are interested, PLEASE let me know as I need 15 people to get this started. I'm not making any money on the shirts either.

Here it is printed on an extra large Hanes hoodie. This was $40 and if anyone wants it on a hoodie I can get that done too. I just figured that t-shirts were cheaper and more ideal for the summer :)

If interested PLEASE e-mail me: Jon@OntarioCTS.com


03-15-08, 03:37 PM
yeah!! that sounds kind of cool, im in for a white T with black logo if its gonna look as decent as this one

04-04-08, 12:21 AM
It looks real good nice job. I like the black

04-04-08, 10:05 PM
ill take a couple!

04-15-08, 10:49 PM
Jon l will take three extra large tee shirts in black