: 98 Sts

03-08-08, 11:30 PM
I have just purchased the kenwood kvt-617dvd with the additional nav attachment. I also purchased the sirius scc1 reciever with the kenwood sr-50 converter. I am now realizing that I cant hook this stuff up to my bose system in my car. I have heard of the gmos-06 that supposedly helps with computer problems, but I have heard it causes many other problems. If i decided to replace the component speakers, can I just rewire them from the new kenwood without buying the gmos-06. I also heard of people deciding to do this leaving their factory radio hooked up in the trunk. How do I pull this off while running the new system? I am trying to avoid the problems with the gmos-06. I am ok with rewiring 4 ohm speakers. I dont want or think I need and amp. If I do this and hook up the factory in the trunk, will I be avoiding all the computer issues with upgrading the deck.

03-09-08, 12:10 PM
To sum it up. I am trying to ask if anyone knows if I dont use the bose stuff in my car, run a few new speakers from the new hu, can I put my stock radio in the trunk to save the technical problems.

Or... Do I absolutely need the gmos-06 to save the computer if I run new wiring and speakers? Will I still need the stock head unit hooked up?

Should I just return all this stuff and get my money back?

Does anyone have a aftermarket headunit that works without any issues with a 98-01 seville?