: 2000 Escalade Doors

03-07-08, 01:33 PM
Why were there 2 different types of rear lift gate doors for the 2000 Escalade?

I see some with 2 doors in the back and some with one? Did they change the style in the middle of the year?

What gives?

Daryl in KY
03-07-08, 04:18 PM
The older GM body styles had the option of a lift gate rear door or the 2 swing open doors (some call them barn door style). The option disappeared after 2000.

03-08-08, 07:24 AM
I preferred and sought the barn doors on my 2000 over the liftgate...

03-08-08, 02:57 PM
I as well have the barn doors. God Bless, Joe