: Need Emergency Help!!!!!!!

03-06-08, 08:36 PM
Ok. So me and my brother are riding to subway and everything is good... as we are getting back in he puts his sode in the cup holder and throws a screw that was in the cup holder and didnt realize where it went.. anyway i hit a bump and sparks start flying and then they stop..... turns out the screw landed inside the cigarette plug/adapater. we are a block from my house and the sparks arnt there so i pull in ajd try to get the screw out.. i get sparks again and all of a sudden smoke starts coming out of the console horrible.. i am choking on smoke and start flipping out and so i rip the console apart... the wires are burnt to shit.. i mean the rubber is burnt off completely exposing the actual wire.. i disconnect the negative off the battery immediately.. should I also disconnect the positive?!?!?! also when everything was said and done I tried to start the truck and got nothing.. PLEASE TELL ME THIS TRUCK ISNT TOTALED. I ripped out the navigation and looked under the steering column and everything looks good as those wires arnt burnt or anything but like i said the wires going to the cig adapater are burnt to shit, and some wires going to my accessories are burnt up.. please let me know any input.... i mean when i turned the key to the on position i got absolutely nothing.. no interior lights, no radio, no headlights, nothing.. it was like the battery was disconnected to something.. again please let me know what the possibilites are here.. i am nervous to take this into the dealer quickly because of all the accessories i have and i know they will blame that right away..

03-07-08, 07:41 AM
Check your fuses.

03-07-08, 11:20 AM
Yeah, check your fuses. Sounds like it burnt your fuses if you got nothing! This sucks man. Sorry that happen to ya!

Keep us posted!

You have a fuse box at the side dash when you open the driver door and one under the hood by the battery.

03-07-08, 06:15 PM
ok well just an update.. check the fuses and you guys were right.. the cig fuse was blown and once replaced i started getting lights and the truck was turning and all that.. the only problem is that the wires are exposed.. i mean the rubber burnt off the wires going to the cig lighter and i dont know what to do.. i mean the rubber is burnt all the way off the wire all the way to the back of the dash where I cant reach so i dont know what to do.. i might have to bring it in to the dealer and have them take a look because i dont know if i can replace all that wiring..

03-07-08, 07:22 PM
That Escalade's placement of the cig lighter is RIDICULOUS and an answer waiting to happen. I keep a charger plugged in all the time, but on the odd occasion I take it out -- I always catch myself almost dropping something down in there. I would have much preferred no "BVLGARI" clock and had the outlet pointing out from the dash instead of straight up and down.

03-07-08, 07:32 PM
my father also has an escalade and had the same issue only his only had a fuse blow, not the wires burning up and causing a smoke storm...

03-07-08, 07:38 PM
I have noticed the angle of the cig lighter on several cars (GM and Ford). I always wondered when that would happen!!

03-07-08, 07:38 PM
Wow, thats horrible! I need to keep my cig lighter in there at all times.

Anyways, as for the exposed wires, make sure they dont touch each other or it will blow the fuse again! The wires that you can see/reach, use black electrical tape and wrap around each wire so that it wont touch each other. Do as far reach as you can.

03-08-08, 09:03 AM
I only removed my cig lighter when I had to use my phone charger or radar detector. But inevitably I always managed to get a penny dropped into that power point and blow a fuse. The copper is a perfect conductor to short out the circuit, and once you drop a penny into that little hole you can't get it out easily.

03-08-08, 09:05 AM
The other option is to get black heat shrink tubing, you can get this at any local hardware store. Cut it to fit then hit it with heat for a few seconds and they will be covered again, almost as new...