: Real octane booster?

03-05-08, 04:33 PM
I've heard some mustang people talk about something called Toluene. You can mix a percentage of it with your gas and it'll bump up your octane rating.

Does anybody know exactly what it is and where you could possibly find it?

We're going to Tulsa Raceway this weekend and the high is supposed to be 46, if I can get traction I may be looking at my best day at the track so I thought the extra octane would benefit my car, which has a chip and increased timing. I'm not looking for too much, just like 96 or 97 should be plenty.

I'm hoping to be in the VERY low 14's

03-05-08, 04:45 PM
You can buy toluene at any paint store. Unfortunately it has the reputation for dissolving very important parts of fuel systems.

When 100/130 oct aviation fuel was superceded by 100LL(low lead), there were plastic fuel system components that disappeared from various aircraft. Some tetraethyl lead in the fuel was replaced by toluene. Somebody thought to broach the subject to a WWII era petroleum engineer. His remark was, "We tried that stuff years ago and it destroyed fuel system components back then too". Toluene has a rich mixture octane rating of about 121.

03-05-08, 08:55 PM
BC87....Please don't go dumping plastic and paint solvents into your fuel system. As dkoz said, there are lots of things that will (not "can" : will) go wrong.

If you're convinced that a few octane points are the road to glory, look for brands of ready-mix race fuels advertised on the Internet. Google. Hold onto your wallet.......

Everyone in here will be waiting for your timeslip results. Post'em.

03-06-08, 11:56 AM
That's why I posted on here to get your guys advice, I've never heard of the stuff before and I wanted some input.

Well because of all the snow the Races have been moved to Sunday.