: Is the Dealer on the level?

03-04-08, 10:34 PM
I bought a stock Cadillac C/D to upgrade my tape deck in my Deville but found out I didn't have a amplifier so I sold the C/D on Ebay. Now the buyer says the dealer is telling him this:
"Sorry, but I did not understand the dealer. We gave them the VIN #, but because we do not have the 'code' - it will cost $95.00 in order for them to scan the system in this car in order to make the radio work. We are a car dealer, so we have bought numerous radios in the past. According the stereo shop I spoke to trying to resolve this, they said that Cadillac is the only manufacturer that you can not just 'run the VIN #' & obtain the code. It has a 'phase 2' connection that relates to the computer in the car & has to have the code in order to work. The car (& radio) would have come with a 'card' that has the correct code in order to work the radio, & pratically worthless without it. Can you not ask who you bought it from, if they do not have the code. If they were the owner of the vehicle, they should have it. It is not right that we should have to take the car to the dealership & pay an additional $95.00 in order to make something work. Please let us know if you can be of any assistance."
What do you guys think?

03-05-08, 06:19 AM
First of all, I have heard of issues trying to swap out a tape deck radio for a CD radio, he may have issues even if he gets it unlocked.
Next, I am not sure what those guys are yammering about, but there is no code or card or whatever they are claiming.
The theftlock is cleared with a scan tool by resetting the VIN information in the radio. When it is powered up it checks the stored VIN in a couple other modules, if they match it turns on... if they don't....

The dealer can charge what they want, although ninety bucks is a little steep. They have the $3,500 scan tool that is required to do the procedure. If it isn't worth $95 to get it to work, why did he buy it in the first place?

03-06-08, 01:59 PM
Thanks, That was just the reply I needed!!