: my 2007 Escalade is junk~ and cadillac doesnt care

03-04-08, 09:39 PM
My husband bought me my dream car on 9/25/07 for my birthday... it is now 3/4/08 and we still are having issues... the following is a list of repairs (at least the ones that we can remember):

*New Motor including computer (entire assembly)
*Paint replacement due to dirt (or something in paint at time of factory painting) and peeling paint on drivers side mirror
*Fuel gauge
*Temperature gauge
*Fuel level sensor
*New drivers side seat
*New wheel caps (cadillac factory 22")
*Dash has rattle (still cant fix)
*cup holder door
*clock face
*windshield moisture sensor
*Wind noise in drivers side rear window
*broken exhaust stud
*broken motor mount bolt
*Scuffs on the glove box door
*rear trailer cover (removal and installation was very difficult)

and we just had it in the shop again today... we have talked with the dealership and they say its GM's problem, we talk to GM/Cadillac and they say that they will "just keep paying for warranty work".. How much is enough already??? The first 2 months that we had the car, it was in the shop more than with us. Now the dealership is getting sick of doing the work, so the Service Manager wont even look at us. I can't even tell you how exhausted we are... I was so excited to get my dream car, and now its turned into my nightmare. I dont understand why GM/Cadillac doesnt care.... it would have been cheaper for them to just give me a new car, than to pay for all the repairs, wages, over time, etc.. not to mention all of the bad publicity, because everyone at my work (because I have had to have so many different rental cars, or had no car at all) knows that its a lemon and that Cadillac doesnt care. How sad. What ever happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE?:banghead:

03-05-08, 08:39 AM
Sorry to hear your dream vehicle turned out to be a lemon. Every manufacturer has them. good luck getting things resolved and please keep us updated with your progress.