: 1995 STS sudden problem

03-04-08, 06:06 PM
My 1995 STS has been running fine since I got it aside form only getting 10 miles to the gallon and starting in 2nd gear cause the A.B.S. doesn't work.
All of a sudden today, I put it in gear and it quickly jumped into gear. Before, it would go slowly into gear because I guess it starts in 2nd. Is it possible that a motor mount can just break all of a sudden because that is what it seems like. The engine jumps as soon as you put it into drive or reverse and every time it shifts while driving!!
I can't even check the tranny oil because the plastic cap broke so I can't unscrew it.
I know this is a long thread but is it possible for the tranny to start shifting like it has a shift kit, or did I just lose a motor mount just like that out of nowhere????

03-06-08, 02:12 PM
Put it in drive and hold down the brake hard and have the hood open and someone standing off to the side of the car looking at the engine and then hit the gas and see how much the engine moves around. You can try in reverse too .. If it moves more than an inch or so or makes any nasty noises something is wrong, probably a mount. THere are other things that could cause it to be noisy. Get pliers and get the cap off. Always have to check the fluids :)