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03-03-08, 09:38 PM
I got a '95 ETC with the non Bose cassette player/radio and it has an amplifier in the back like the Bose version. I just took out the radio today and it turns out it's not the 21 pin harness which I thought it would be, instead if was just a 2 piece harness with 4 wires on one and 8 wires on the other, I thought the one with 8 was for the speaks and the one with 4 for 12+, ground, accessory, and power antenna, however i was wrong. turns out that those wires are something like a controller to the amplifier in the trunk that goes with the stock stereo. I wanted to install a CD player and now i guess ill have to since I pulled out the stock one already and cut the harness plastic off of it to use it as a harness for my after market stereo. I've seen harnesses for this and they are basically 20 feet long cables that run from the head unit back to the stock amplifier. I'm probably going to run my own cables to the back through the firewall on the passenger side, it's just that now the problem comes in HOW TO TAP INTO THE STOCK AMP with the after market stereo to make it work. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.

03-04-08, 02:47 PM
anyone ?

03-06-08, 05:38 AM
The thing that you took out of your dashboard is a wired remote controller for the radio module located in the trunk next to the antenna. There is a separate amp for each speaker (I think there's only that one that powers the 2 rear, then there's one next to each speaker in the doors).... Anyways, the new head unit you put in will put out more power than any of the stock amps. So, in other words you don't need to tap into the amp (there's one in the head unit). What you do need to do though, however, is run wires from all of your speakers up to the dashboard. Right now all of the speaker wires go to their personal amps and then to the radio module in the trunk next to the antenna.

The small plug for the dashboard controller is the Dimmer control for the lights in the controller. The big plug has the power, cassette player wires, data wire, and I believe the solid yellow is the power to raise and lower the antenna (hot = antenna up, open = antenna down)

You don't want to hook up the power for your new head unit to the dimmer power lines. If you dim the lights anytime, your new HU wont get enough power through the lines and it may be damaging to it.

03-07-08, 12:06 AM
the second before last yellow wire on the second harness with 8 wires in it turns out to be the constant 12 volt, i measured with a multimeter. on the 4 wire harness i have the black cable which is ground and on the 8 wire harness i have a orange/black which is some sort of switched 12 volt but is 12 volts only when the car is in the on position or running, not when the key is in like the regular stereo. can i just hotwire both the aftermarket stero constant and switched 12+ wires to the constant 12 volt on the car so it stays on and keeps the memory ? and then when i turn it off just take the face plate off??

Tero Huikko
03-08-08, 07:08 AM
You can wire it like that. Just put the constant +12V and switched +12V on your new player to the car's constant +12V.
Only problem is that you'll drain your battery if you forget your stereo on...has happened to me.

Phone rings -> you just mute the volume and the forget the stereo on... :)