: cooling pressure problems

03-03-08, 06:33 PM
hello on that 86 chevy truck i have i decided to replace the radiator because it was it was in real nastey shape. i put the new one in and made the mistake of using the old hoses and lossed that coolant. i bought the new hoses top and bottom and i drove the truck around the neighborhood probably about a mile and came home and the top hose was soft. befor i figured it wasnt building pressure was because of the leak on the top hose, i could squeeze it and the coolant would just squirt out. but now with the new hoses i cant find any leaks i replaced the readiator cap about a month ago any ideas before i changed the radiator the top hose was rock hard . maybe ii just didnt drive it long enough idk i get very nervous driving something that could overheat haha i guees theres only 2 more parts of the cooling system the water pump and the thermostat but i dont think any of those would be the culprit possibly the caps defective ? any sujestions will be appreciated thanks

03-06-08, 10:00 AM
Thermostat good?

Honestly, the only time I have seen my car (my 85 Cutlass with a 77 350 Olds) get harder than I thought it should it was a blown head gasket, there was exhaust getting into the coolant and pressurizing it almost immediately.

Are you getting heat yet? Is radiator and upper hose getting warm? Stupid question, thermostat in right way?

The guys over at FullSizechevy.com might know the truck better, but cooling system is cooling system (unless you have an LT1...)