View Full Version : Touch up spot texture removal

05-19-04, 09:19 PM
Hey all. Yesterday my friend and fellow caddy addict and I pin-striped my '89 Sed. Deville (Dark blue w/ silver trim) we put silver double stripes on it and they look awesome, cant even tell they werent stock, ill post pics tomorrow. Anyway this post is about touch up paint. I got a bottle of matching paint and have touched up most chips, though there werent very many for a 15 year old car. Anyway, my question is is there a way to get rid of the brush stroke texture that the aplicator leaves? can i buff it smooth with something without removing the clear coat around it or dulling the paint?? Thanks in advance for your input!

05-20-04, 08:18 AM
Interested in the pinstripe job. How difficult was it?

05-20-04, 08:15 PM
The pinstriping wasnt difficult at all. Actually my friend has over 30 years of experience with detailing and pinstriping so he was the most influential tool i had:shhh:. As long as youre careful and take your time getting the lines right its a smooth process. make sure youve got a clean car without wax where your striping, you can use some cleaning compound, the soft rubbing compound would be your best bet to remove any protectant you have on your paint. be sure to press it down hard once you have it where you want it, and pay attention to it the week afterward to make sure its not coming up, just press it back down hard again and it should be good to go. Ill be pinstriping my girlfriend's neon tomorrow, thatll be a task, my '89 has such straight lines that it was a breeze to do, but this neon, i dont know. Ill let you know how the neon goes and post photos of both my '89 and neon tomorrow.