: saturn sl1 vs sw1 vs sw2

03-02-08, 09:39 AM
Will parts from an sl1 fit an sw1 or sw2? Also how can you tell the difference between an sw1 and sw2?

The parts in question are the radiator, radiator support, hood & fenders

Night Wolf
03-02-08, 04:45 PM
w= wagon, l= 4 door c = 2 door
so I'd think fenders and radiator support and stuff will be interchangeable.

I think only difference between sw1 and sw2 would be trim and options, should be same car.

03-02-08, 05:15 PM
sw1s had a single cam 1.9 , sw2 got the twin cam 1.9 ....then as nightwolf noted there are trim differences ..

SL1 SL2 SW1 AND SL2 all had the same nose , but the bumpers were black plastic on the 1 cars , color keyd and sometimes had grey bottoms if they are a gen 1 SL2 OR SW2

the stuff your loking at all all work for you as long as the year/gen is the same

11-22-10, 11:24 PM
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11-22-10, 11:38 PM
i've been working saturn parts since 2003 so if you've got any specific questions i'll be glad to answer them

ps: i also do saab, hummer, and all the other gm brands... i'll be here all week. try the veal

11-23-10, 01:58 AM
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