: Touch Up paint

03-01-08, 05:16 PM
Does anyone know where I can get touch up paint for my 04 "White Diamond" escalade. I scratched the plastic part of my running board, and noticed some chips on the door moldings.

03-01-08, 05:42 PM

They have almost every color imaginable. That's where I ordered my last batch of touch up paint because none of the local dealers carried it.

eta: found it https://www.duplicolor.com/duplicolor/step2.php

93 8933 White Diamond

You can buy it online $12.99.

03-02-08, 03:28 AM
You could go to pretty much any GM dealership and get it no problem. Just have your VIN ready.

03-02-08, 09:38 AM
www.PaintScratch.com is a great site that will help you with all your questions and needs as well

03-02-08, 10:54 AM
one caution with pearl colors, it will put paint back onto the vehicle but the bad part about pearl is that spot of the car is not going to blend, so if the area around it is in the right light and gold, that one little spot might be pink or green.

03-03-08, 07:18 AM
As said you get the touch up and any dealership, when repair chips it works much better if you apply many thin coats rather than one thick coat. This is what I do

Here's a fix for the chips. Take isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip and dab in

only in the rock chip a few times. Take a clean towel and dry chip. Take

a match out of a match book. Use the opposite end of the head. Dab this
in touch-up paint.(do not thin out touch-up paint) Very carefully dab a
very, very minute amount in the chip. Do not get any paint anywhere
other then the chip depression. The trick here is not to try to fix the
chip in one application. Do this every day until the paint in the chip
is even with the rest of the paint surface. If you do this correctly,
you will hardly notice that chip repair. If the chip repair area is
slightly higher than the adjacent surface, then
you can use 3M Foam Polishing Pad Glaze/Swirl Mark Remover #39009 by
hand very gently to even out the chip repair area if necessary....

Remember have patience. Don't try to touch-up the chip all at once. It's

a gradual building up of the paint, that's the trick.