: % of users using MS vs. Other.

05-19-04, 06:43 PM
Just wondering if you guys had any guesses on the worldwide or simply national percentages for users of Windows vs. Linux/ Unix/ Mac OS/ etc. This recently perked my interest as I checked the log for my website and it was 95.8% Windows XP/ 2000/ 98/ 95/ ME and the rest listed under "Others". So what are your guesses? How about 2 different guesses if you figure businesses or government into the equation?

05-20-04, 11:32 AM
Ummm You (and 95% of us ) have been assimilated. "Windoze" serioulsy dominates the desktop for buisness and pleasure. Even though Linux has made great strides recently - it will not be a major desktop player - but will have a loyal and religious following (like the Mac) . While XP is far from perect , I think it is the best and most stable OS Bill has come up with to date. I would be more than surpirsed if Windows every drops below 90% dominance.

Where I see Linux gaining ground is the medium to large companies. I have recently seen more than a few Sun / Solaris and HP-UX servers replaced with Intel Server (Dell, etc) and Redhat Advanced Server. Hardware is cheaper, performace is there (for small OLTP and DSS systems < 500 concurent users) , adminstration is similar to other Unix platforms - it is just cheaper all the way around. But Bill is contering with Widows Advanced Server 2003 (have not used this I have used 2002 - I prefer RedHat).

my $0.02....................dy

05-20-04, 12:41 PM
Maybe if the different versions of Linux were kind of assimilated into a more user friendly fewer number of variations maybe they could gain more ground??

05-20-04, 02:26 PM
Maybe in the consumer market first but it would take a serious effort along with some serious lobbing to all the vendors to offer and support it (Dell, Gateway, ABS, etc).

I love Linux btw. Just from a coporate support issue and end user support issue , just does not make sense at this point. Too big a change for end user and support staff. Yes I think Linux is faster , more stable, and uses way less resorces - then again I think the Mac is better as well, and Beta-max had it all over VCR's (hated 8 tracks though :D )

Linux - plug and pray not quite where Winodws is
Linux - Networking not as 'auotmated' (though getting much much better in recent years)
Linux - installing software much better but again not quite as slick as windows
Linux - no where near the 3rd paty apps , although most of the buisness ones are covered (Star office , Email, etc..)

Linux has a place in the work envrioment (Web Server, db server, print server, ftp server , etc...). Just don't think it is as 'idoit' proof and as easily centrally managed as XP can be. And anyone who has spent anytime helping anyone with 'puter problems , simplier is better.

05-21-04, 10:45 PM
We have Linux, AIX, FreeBSD and all the flavors of windows ruuning on our network. I also have W2K3 Server up and running, Still testing it, but nice so far. I agree, I love the "other OS" for the backend server apps, but Windows on the user's desktops makes our life easier.