View Full Version : White smoke in the exhaust which clears after idling 5 minutes

03-01-08, 10:37 AM
Today noticed white smoke in the exhaust of my 99 Deville which was very heavy for a few minutes. At idle it cleared in less than 5 minutes. Temp was about 40 today but colder last night. Car has 120K miles on it. Otrherwise runs and accelerates fine.

Coolant temp about 197 to 208 and drops when accelerating. Is this the head gasket problem? Uses a quart of oil about every 800 miles but no leakage of any kind dripping from the car.

03-01-08, 10:49 AM
Next time you start it, go back there and stick your nose in the pipe. Tell us if the "smoke" smells like coolant, fuel or oil.