: What Is It????

02-29-08, 09:13 PM
Ok today i went over to my works old car lot to get some tools for the shop and i was looking around and there is this white limo sitting out back. I joked around and was like i want that, but now that i think about it i really do want it.

this is where i need some help. im going to try to find the owner and its going to help to find out what it is be4 i talk to him and try to get a price out of him

its a 4 door and a lot longer than a normal caddy. the front seats and rear are devided buy a wall with glass and there was a control panel under the dash to control windows and lights i think. it had one back seat with another seat along one side and a bar with tv accross from that. outside the car the rear section after the rear doors is kinda long and under the hood it had a 4100 rwd

i dont think it has ran for about 3 years, has flat tires, has a broken rear 1/4 window and the rear deck lid was pulled off

this is about all i can remember i didnt even think to look at the production date or model cause i wasnt to serius about getting it at the time.

so if you have any clue what it is or about what it would sell for that would really help thanks

03-02-08, 02:29 AM
Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five? Here's some pictures of an '86. I know the 85-86 ones had the 4100 in it. Not sure about other years.

Check out this website I found while looking for these pictures. http://my.net-link.net/~dcline/limocls7.htm They actually have a 1994 STS limo in there.