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Tero Huikko
02-29-08, 06:33 PM

First post. I really tried to search this but every thread seemed to wonder away from the subject.
Sorry to ask this one again :)

I have a bose gold series stereo on my '95 seville.
It has 4 active speakers with their own amp-units.

So...if I want to connect a regular aftermarket stereo on the vehicle how to proceed? My brain told me to just plug in the low-level output from the stereo to the speakers, but my brain told me to stop and ask you guys after reading a few threads on the subject.

I have: Plastic frame to fit it on and adapter from GM plug to free pre-cut wires. Good skills with electronics inc. reading wiring diagrams, soldering etc.

I'm doing this only to get a decent FM radio...this one is really static and crappy....and I happen to have Becker unit available that really shines on the FM receiving :) So if anyone has any good ideas how to improve FM receiving, that can be advised too.

The car has a separate electric aerial - not the crappy windshield one.

03-11-08, 10:06 PM
I just sold my 95 STS with this setup. If you go to www.installer.com, they have a nice harness that runs from the front of the car, to the r/r where the radio module is. The harness even has an antenna lead routed in it so you can hook up your antenna lead from the aftermarket head unit to the power antenna in the rear.