: Classic Cadillac Atlanta - no love lost

02-29-08, 09:43 AM
I took my SRX in for it's first service and was not happy with the results. My car smelled like cigarettes and one item wasn't fixed. They had to order a part, which is fine if they had told me. Instead they told me "your car is ready" and I assumed (yes, I know what happens) that everything had been handled. I reflected my dissatisfaction on the follow-up survey from Cadillac and also called the service director to give them a heads up that a bad survey was coming.

When I took my car back this week for additional warranty items, my sales person stopped me and told me that he heard about my survey and if I wanted them to continue to be flexible with loaners and appointments I would need to "not make the service guys mad". I haven't asked for anything that wasn't presented as part of their service when I bought my car 6 months ago. The work has all been warranty work so I didn't realize they were being extra flexible.

The service advisor also took me to task for my survey and told me that people lose their jobs over bad surveys. When I mentioned the specific issue I had with my previous visit he told me those items weren't under his control. If he's getting rated on a survey of items he doesn't control, then it's a poorly designed survey. The focus appears to be not how can they correct the problems, but getting me to write a better survey.

03-01-08, 05:31 PM
You will get that, at the Chevrolet dealership I used to work at they did things like that, they didn't worry about fixing problems, they just scared the customer to another dealer or scared them into giving good survey's. The point of the survey is to help the dealership find it's short-comings and help the customer out by fixing them, but many just use it as a money getting system, and GM is also partly to blame because they will just start chopping heads, they sometimes will not work with the dealership and try to solve the problems, they just start cutting benefits or whatever.
I would say find a new dealership and service department. The way that was handled sounds very thuggish, I would not be returning there, even to get my ordered part installed.