: where can I find value for 1978 Phaeton?

02-28-08, 06:31 PM

Looking to find price guide or website or anyone here in the forums that can direct me to where I can find a value for my 1978 Phaeton ? 4 door, white with the dark blue cloth top. in good condition. 77,000 miles on it. Always stored in garage, never seen winters outside. I did find one website a few months ago that gave value for that year of a cadillac and it only said to add a extra thousand or so for the phaeton package. but it gave a low value for the car and I am wondering if I need to find a collectors car price guide ?
thanks for your help.

03-02-08, 11:00 PM
The Phaetons are rare, especially being a 1978, and especially with four doors! They made about 400 sedans, most of them in 1979. I have only seen documentation of one other 1978 Sedan DeVille Phaeton.

I'd need to see pics to back this up, but if it's as nice as it sounds, I'd say 4k to 6.5k. But $6500 only if it's extremely clean. Like, detailed and looking pristine.