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02-28-08, 05:17 PM
Bought my 05 ESV recently and came with a Kenwood head unit with Nav, bluetooth and such.

Works fine and I am scheduled to get the Sirius add on module installed on Monday.

At the current time my OnStar is non respondisve as well as my steering wheel controls. Should I get them to check something or do I need something else to make these work? They were like this when I got it so I am asssuming it has to do with the aftermarket headunit.

Also anyone know any place to purchase a second keyless entry remote? Any specific one I should look for. The one that came with it has a 2 stamped on the back of it.

Any help wouldl be appreciated!

BTW - Great site - now I will get no work done! LOL

02-28-08, 06:15 PM
Forget about the keyless entry question! Just bought the one I need on ebay. Any thoughts about the onstar and steering wheel controls would be appreciated.

02-28-08, 08:08 PM
The radio controls were all wired directly to the radio, onstar is controlled through the radio.
When the stock radio was taken out all that functionality went with it.
There are options to restore operation of some of those features, you have to do some searching on the web.
I have seen some workarounds, but none function as well as the factory setup if you want to use those features.

02-29-08, 10:05 AM
Look at Metra or PAC. They both offer modules that plug into your wiring harness and offer "steering wheel control retain", "onstar retain", etc.

02-29-08, 11:50 PM
we use the metra part its called GMOS-Lan-01 is about $300 or the gmos01 which is around $100 the steering wheel control is kind of hard to find but metra usually has it it takes about 3 weeks for us to get them but thats about $250

03-01-08, 10:41 AM
Thanks for all the input......I will do some checking and let you know.

03-01-08, 06:01 PM
Have a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 in my 04 ext with steering controls and onstar still works! Not sure what parts are in there but everything works as well as Factory does! Parts can be found for sure!Searching on maybe Crutchfield to find parts then shopping around might be a good idea!