: No sound from speakers

02-26-08, 04:15 PM
Hey guys,
I installed a Nav radio (part # 10377531) on an 05 Lade with a y91. Radio and Nav power works but there is no sound from any speakers. Onstar does not have any sound and will not display anything when dialing a number on the DIC. Any suggestions or solutions on fixing this problem or why is is happening will be greatly appreciated. :)

Crown Vic Owner
02-26-08, 04:18 PM


WHERE is jason?

02-26-08, 05:34 PM
If you got the Touchscreen nav unit, the part # should be this: 15800001

If you got the Joystick nav unit, the part # should be this: 15204334

Somebody correct me if i'm wrong.

02-26-08, 05:38 PM
Actually, you got the first revision, whatever that means? Sorry, i'm no help :(

1. I'm not sure of the 15204335 unit as mentioned.
Doe's your ride have the Y91 or Y92 code in the glove box?
I installed the 15230099 in my '06.
If you have the Y91 or Y92 code in the glove box sticker then you'll need one of the lux model HU......15800001, 15230099 or 10377531.

Newest revision LUX TNR-------15800001
Second Revision LUX TNR-------15230099
First Revision LUX TNR---------10377531

Newest revision non-lux TNR-----15800000
second Revision non-lux TNR---10379287
First Revision non-lux TNR-------10377287
Alt. Revision non-lux TNR---------15120706

2. You can purchse the navigation antenna from ebay or your local dealer. Mounts under the dash at passenger side of windsheild and plugs directly into to the Nav HU.