: Ok Someone Please Help My 97 Deville Not Running.............

02-25-08, 07:46 PM
Ok So I Was Coming Home From School And I Ran Out Of Gas...when I Got 2 Put Gas Back In The Car It Drove Really Slow Like It Wasnt Any Fuel Gettin To The Car...as Soon As I Made It Home And Parked It My Car Wouldnt Start Anymore....next Day I Cleaned The Throttle Body And Sprayed Starting Fluid...voila My Car Started But Did The Same Thing Its Like No Gas Is Getting To It(by Now I Filled Up A Half Tank)...so Now My Car Starts With No Problems But As Soon As I Change The Gear And Put My Foot On The Pedal The Car Cuts Off Unless Someone Is Sparying Starting Fluid In My Throttle Body....so What Are Some Possibilities That My Car Wont Drive???????

02-26-08, 11:49 AM
Either you or (better) an experienced fuel injection mechanic is going to have to troubleshoot the fuel system. N* vehicles do not react kindly to running out of gas. There have been several threads over the years on problems exactly like yours, and one of the most common has been a failed fuel pump from running dry.

Do NOT keep spraying starting fluid into the engine. That is one sure, positive way to destroy a gasoline engine: starting fluid doesn't burn, it explodes, ruining pistons and bearings, and it tends to wash all of the oil film off cylinder walls, ruining the piston rings.

pLEASE uSE yOUR cAPS jUDICIOUSLY: makes words hard to read.......

02-26-08, 11:56 AM
thanks sub, you beat me to it.
OP, caps lock OFF please

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