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05-18-04, 10:08 PM
I'd like to get the Edelbrock 750 (model 1411) for my '68 472 deVille, but also need the car to pass Arizona emmission controls (everything '67or newer has to test.
The write ups I've read say it's not emmission ready, but is it emmission possible? All I can think of is it might not have all the vacuum hook-ups, but all I have on the Q-jet is vacuum advance (distributor) and PVC - looks like it has these???

05-18-04, 11:10 PM
Well, it has the same amount of emission controls as the Q-Jet. What do they check for on cars that old??

06-07-04, 11:23 PM
I've had problems with the state of Arizona before on emmissions. They're not very flexible. Anyway, I finally did a good rebuild on the Q-jet (after modifying the leaky points I heard about here) and she' running like a champ. With any luck I'll have her registered within the next coupla weeks. Still gotta fix the climate control - it's over a hundred here for the next three monthes or so.

06-07-04, 11:35 PM
Weird. Most states exempt cars of this vintage. Anyway, start a new thread on your climate control, i'll try to help you out with that too.

06-08-04, 03:32 PM
Glad to hear about the success with the Q-Jet rebuild. However I thought I would let you know that I installed the 1411 Edelbrock on my 69 Caddy Hearse with a 472 and man does it run great. That along with a new vacuum advance and this car flies even as big as it is.

lux hauler
06-08-04, 05:14 PM
For those that want to keep the factory Q-Jet......I just got mine back from the Carb Shop in Ontario CA. It looks great and was less than $275 shipped to my door in Ohio (that price includes the cost of shipping the carb to them....if I remember correctly, it was $14). I provided them with the carb, engine details and vehicle specs....they built it accordingly. They did the rebuild, bushed the primary throttle shaft and performed their "stage two" build. It looks just about like a new carb.
The engine isn't in the truck yet so I can't tell you how it runs but I've heard nothing bad about their carb builds.

06-09-04, 09:35 PM
May end up going the Edelbrock way someday, but for now the Q-jet is Purrr-fect. GM (Cadillac especially) had some great ideas and good engineering; when their stuff worked it worked well. When it didn't , it annoyed the hell out of the likes of me. Got a book on Rochester carbs and it helped (along with some posts I read here). Now, if I can master the '68 climate control (vacuum portion specifically), I'll be immensely satisfied.

06-10-04, 05:09 AM
Speaking of '68 climate control, I'm in pretty rough shape. The '68 sedan deville I own has nothing but a melted blob where the vaccum hoses run through the fire-wall inside the cab. I heard from the previous owner (who only owned it, never got it running, but did drop a non-burnt motor in it) that the car had a fire in the engine bay before it was parked and I believe it. Anyways, someone had better get that climate control post going soon because I need it as bad as anyone.

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barge master
06-10-04, 09:14 AM
I doubt that carb will have a direct effect on your emissions because your car never had an EGR valve. The problem I encountered when I put the intake on my 500 Chevy p/u was that between that and the dual exhaust the engine was running too lean for the stock Q-jet to handle.As a quick fix I put an Edelbrock carb I had on it. A lean running condition will drive your hydrocarbons through the roof.It will also lead to pinging and over heating. With the temps out there, it could be the kiss of death in fairly short order if you're not careful. Just take your time with it. If you end up with no popping out the tail pipe and no black smoke,it's probably good to go.