: Advice on shifter install

02-24-08, 09:31 PM
Evening everyone. I was reading the instructions on Cadillacfaq about installing a UUC shifter and I am thinking it would be too difficult for me. I really have not technical gifts. So I am curious if anyone in San Diego can recommend a good professional place to have it installed. On the same side has anyone in San Diego, or close by done a few and want to earn some extra money? Thanks for the info.

02-24-08, 10:34 PM
The shifter install is REALLY REALLY easy...none of that dropping the trans/exhaust crap. Berserker had a GREAT install thread on here that gave VERY easy to follow instructions. The thread still exists but all the pictures are gone. I installed mine using the thread without the pics and it still only took me an hour...well 2 hours because I ripped the little dustboot thingy and had to wait for my RTV to set. Do it yourself if you are on a budget...let someone else do the work if money isn't an issue!