View Full Version : Radio cuts off and on!

02-24-08, 12:37 AM
My radio cuts off and on at times, it cuts off when the lights come on and some times when I use my turn signal, Can I just give the radio another power source?

02-24-08, 01:31 AM
does the voltage gage dip when this happens? this could mean a weak battery or alternator.

03-10-08, 02:21 PM
The Control Module under the dash might be going bad. The same thing happend to me about a year or so ago and I replaced it and everything worked fine. It's a 2x4 gray plastic box way up under the dash with a black connector sticking out of it. I got it at the dealership for abotu $80. The part number is on the pastic box itself. The dealer probably wont know what you are getting except for a control module.

03-17-08, 06:14 PM
Referencing my experience with my 1997 Catera.
There are three power feeds to the radio. One is always live, and feeds the clock inside the radio. Is the clock keeping time? If so,
then the 'always on' power feed is probably OK. The second power feed is live when the ignition key is 'on'. The third power feed
lets the radio keep running when the key is off, but stops when you open the drivers door. If the radio works OK when
you leave it on after turning the key off, then feed #3 is probably OK (this feed is from a relay under the dash near the drivers
left knee, part of the aforementioned control module). If you think it is power feed #2, I would check fuse #10, which has some useless name associated with it.