: No heat on passenger side!!!!

02-24-08, 12:35 AM
Ive tried to read old post but it look like the driver side always lacks heat unlike theres my passenger side only blows cold air and I have it on 90 degress. Whats the problem?

02-24-08, 10:11 PM
same here but not worried about it 'cause Friday night my car spun-out going up-hill on a turn when it was raining and the rear-end whiped around and crashed into the right side medain. the front alignment is F'ed up and the left rear wheel is cracked while the rotor hub is cracked too. sucks 'cause i have to ride the bus to go to school and I have to wait for my dad to pick me up from track practice......damn.

98 Catera
02-26-09, 08:40 PM
When I bought my catera it did that too. Didn't bother me but no one ever wanted to sit there because of the freezing cold air. Heres what the problem is, theres a electric actuator that moves the flap for hot / cold air its either dead or is working, but the gear box isn't moving the arm to switch positions. Heres what to do: get the new motor/actuator, remove the center consol, remover the old/broken actuator, 3-torx screws, unplug the wires, remove the actuator from the spot, give it a slight twist so the arm comes loose. And install everything you removed, FIXED. This is for 97-99. I don't know anything about 2000+

98 Catera
02-26-09, 10:33 PM
Yea, i forgot to mention where the motor/actuator is... after you remove the center consol its a black sideways pear shaped thing, its located where you can see 1/2 if it, by the "left side glove box center consol area". Pull that cover off (held on by 2 or 3 tabs, it pulls straigh off, if not, put your finger pehind one of the clips to help it off) There is 3 torx screws on the gear box, remove them, do not remove the silver torx screws holding the motor/actuator onto the gear box and follow the directions in my past post for reinstallation. Make sure you new motor/actuator works by unpluging the old motor/actuator, plug in the new one, turn you ignition all the way up to run so the climate control comes on, activate the dual zone, turn the knob left/right of the side your working on to see if the motor/actuator is moving both ways. For reinstallation you only need to install 2 of the torx screws (the one closest to the fire wall and the one on the bottom middle), the hard one half-way behind the radio bezel isn't needed. To reinstall the plastic door arm, line the holes from the door arm up to the dual "bumps" on the motor/actuator and make sure there connected (by "feel", you won't be able to see this visually). sorry for the missing pervious info.


k man
11-28-15, 08:32 AM
Can someone help me on getting to the passenger side heat actuator?

If the starting point is the center console, how do i get started on the removal of this baby?

k man
11-29-15, 08:03 AM
taking car on a pretty long trip tomorrow, so any advice today to get this repair underway is a big help

thanks guys!

11-29-15, 09:15 AM
Check out these threads on the Omega Owners Forum.



If these 2 threads don't help, go ask. Remember, their driver side is our passenger side.

k man
11-30-15, 05:15 PM
very helpful....thank you!

12-02-15, 12:46 AM
Let us know if it worked. I haven't had that problem yet but you never know. I'd like to know if the info I found was useful.

12-02-15, 09:31 PM
It's tricky to do but doable, you have to remove screw cover first to expose them. If I'm not wrong, there are 3 of them. It's on the right side of center console. You don't have to put back 3, 2 would be plenty. And usually actuator might be fixed just by pushing shaft back to its position. Hope it helps.
PS. Do you hear clunky noise when you change temp settings?