: wondering what it would cost for a dent to come out of the door...

02-23-08, 02:25 AM
So I was wondering what you guys think a reasonable price to get a dent out of a black Catera left rear door would be. its relativley small, the plastic strip on the door is hit and the door handle is pushed in a little but it looks like you should be able to bang the dent out, smooth it over and paint it. Any suggestions as to what I'm looking at for price here? 1998 model, if that matters. I was tinking ~$500 and i have some auto body knowledge but I really can't say and was wondering if anyone had a dent in their door taken out. thanks!

02-23-08, 02:47 PM
if there isn't any paint chipped, than you can try the paintless dent removal. they're pretty cheap.. it cost me $60 per dent.

02-26-08, 12:30 AM
$1700+ apparently.:banghead: I think this is high because it cost just over 2k to replace the hood, roof and windhshield on my old contour, and it costs this much to fix a dent. wow. i guess theres alot of labor involved. they also claim that when it was hit it bent the suspension (the 1700 is w/o suspension damage), although i honestly dont see how that is possible because it was parked on hard packed snow (think all the friction of ice). it was only hit at like 5 mph, but whatever, i dont care anymore cause i have to go through insurance so its their mess now. any thoughts, and especially any explinations for "bending" the suspension? I'm still failing to see how that is possible, because there is alot more friction when sliding around a corner on dry pavement or even cornering hard then there is moving in on ice, unless it going side ways without going forward at the same time makes a difference. but my mechanical skills tell me that this isn't the case unless Cadillacs are a special breed of car that require perfect operation or they'll bite you.