View Full Version : GMPP/Majorguard?? Worth the cost???

02-22-08, 07:23 AM
I got a decision to make on my 07 ESV. I have 23k miles on it and still have the opportunity to extend the warranty with the GMPP/Majorguard. I can purchase the warranty for @ 1300 bucks which would be for an addl 5 yrs or 60k miles. Although we have a 4/48 this would push my coverage thru 3 addl years and another 35k miles. I am looking at one with a 200 buck deductible. I own it so I am not looking at getting rid of the truck. My concerns is in another 2 years I will be SOL. Looking at all the accessories these vehicles have it may just be worth it. I just got one for my 08 Impala SS since I will be out of warranty in about 18 mos due to some serious driving.
I am leaning more yes right now and have to make a decision soon. You cant purchase these warranties when your vehicle hits 24k miles. Just wanted some input out there if anyone else opted for this. Thanks in advance for your comments!!!


02-23-08, 01:34 PM

When I was looking around I found a place called gmoutlet dot com that had great pricing. You may save a few bucks there. i am waiting a few more months and will then be calling them up.

02-23-08, 03:52 PM
That was where I got the price from. Its a dealer in PA and they gave me a price of @ 1300 bucks as mentioned with a 200 buck deductible. With labor rates in my dealer at @ 100 bucks per hour it may just be worth doing.
I got one on the Impala SS since I know I will be blowing thru the mileage in @ a year. I got a 4/100k mile warranty for that. The SS only has 3/36 and already have 10k on it in 3 1/2 months