: Oil leak 2000 Deville

02-21-08, 03:28 PM
Ok, I've read most of the post here on leaking, seeping, & oil sweating N* motors. I really like the car and motor's responsiveness. I have been smelling burning oil at stop lights coming through the vents.

The car has 84,000 on it and it's a 2000 Deville

Problem - Oil spots on my driveway

I took it to my favorite repair shop, got the oil changed and had them put new O-Rings in the oil filter adapter and tightened the bolts on the oil pan.
They used brake cleaner and cleaned off the entire bottom of the motor.

Drove it several miles and came home & parked in driveway and checked it in about 10 minutes. Oil appears to be coming from somewhere above where the oil drain plug is located (rear of oil pan) not a huge amount but enough to be a nusiance. Its forming drips on the bottom of the pan near the oil plug, could feel wetness above the oil drain plug also. Any idea where the oil is coming from by the description I gave as to where it is gathering ? Front of the motor in and around Pan and oil filter etc is dry as a bone. Looking at the front of the car the oil is spotting the driveway on the passenger side by dripping off the oil pan near the oil plug. Oil plug is not leaking.

02-21-08, 04:42 PM
Going up from the drain plug level: oil pan gasket, engine half case seal, valve cover seal/gasket.

Best bet would be to get the car up on a hoist and peer up behind the engine from below. If you have a burning oil smell, it stands to reason that the oil is coming from above the rear exhaust header, so that pretty well narrows it down to something around the valve cover. There's an exhaust crossover pipe around/under the transmission/engine joint, but that's 12-14" away from the drain plug area. Pull the beauty cover and see if the PCV hose is tight on the valve cover nipple, near the rear cylinder head, passenger side.

02-21-08, 04:51 PM
the burning oil sounds more like valve cover leak. My 99 did the same thing and it turned out to be that.
If the half case is leaking I wouldn't think you would smell burning oil because I don't think it's above the manifold. However I am not sure on that Mariner or Ranger can verify that.

02-21-08, 06:34 PM
Sub - I did replace the pcv a couple of weeks ago, so thats ok. I am pretty sure the oil is coming from above where the oil plug is on the back side of the oil pan above. I forgot to mention the shop also replaced the oil pressure sending unit too.

02-25-08, 08:54 PM
If it turns out to be the oil pan gasket, for a 2000 Deville is this a big job ? Someone told me that 2000 and above is not so bad to do, is this true ?

02-26-08, 02:47 PM
You missed the rear main seal. This often looks like a leaky half-case but most likely it is the half-case seal. Cam covers are not a common leak point on these engines.

If it's above the oil pan it's most likely the half-case. The reason you smell it is because it drips directly onto the exhaust crossover. The smallest seepage here will smell.

No I don't know who told you it wasn't a bad job. The engine has to come out for any of the above repairs. An oil pan or a half-case usually run about $1000 - $1500 depending on the hourly rate of your shop.

The exhaust crossover is in the way and cannot be removed with the engine in the car.