: oil leak-thermostat housing

02-21-08, 10:15 AM
Hey everyone,

Well, I've had my 2000 Catera for 3 months now and it was leaking oil. I took it to the dealership where I bought it and bought the warranty. They couldn't find the leak, so they cleaned everything and added an oil die. I brought it back after 5oo miles. Yesterday they said its the valve cover gaskets and thats covered by the warranty so started repairs. Then they found out the thermostat housing is also leaking, but not covered. They want $1100 to fix it. Anyone else have thermostat housing issues?


02-21-08, 06:44 PM
very steep price for thermostat hsgn especially when they have the valve covers off,they are almost to the thermostat hsgn.i would certainly raise hell about that if they have already done valve cover repairs.they should have given you an option for a reduced price.i would certainly get the manager involved.this is overlap in the repairs!!!there is a sleeve which enters from drivers side to the thermo hsgn that has to be partially removed to get the thermo hsgn out. make sure they replace the 2 o-rings on the sleeve and install sealer on thermo hsng bolts.one of the thermo hsgn bolts goes directly into the coolant passage and if not sealed,coolant can work up through threads and create a leak.the most important compoents to look at in that area is the oil cooler and crossover bridge.coolant can leak from them and travel forward toward thermo hsgn.

02-21-08, 11:22 PM
thanks cat56. they want $470 for the part and I guess another $630 for the labor they said that was already the discounted rate with the warranty stuff. Not sure what I'm doing yet, but need my car back tomorrow. Anyone have a good mechanic that knows Cateras in Lake County Illinois? I havent seen any other threads on the themostat housing. Is it a common issue? worth finding a junkyard part?

02-26-08, 06:43 PM
$1100 was for the oil cooler and thermo housing. I had the dealer put it back together, and will have a local mechanic make the repairs for much less. Thanks again for your feedback!