View Full Version : Crank Case Ventilation Experience

02-21-08, 09:18 AM
2001 non-sport w/ 137,000 miles

My interesting drive to work yesterday (50 miles 1-way):

I was approx 1/2 mile from my exit when the check oil light came on. I took the exit, proceeded off the freeway and pulled onto a side street. Once stopped almost immediately plumes of smoke were billowing out from under the hood, I shut the car off. After popping the hood I could see engine oil sprayed from valve cover gaskets on both sides of the engine onto the exhaust manifolds. There was immense pressure behind the oil fill cap that was released upon removal. The oil dipstick indicated that there was a severe lack and after getting 4 quarts from a gas station 1/2 block down the road the dipstick finally indicated the proper amount of oil.

The key to determining of the cause was the pressure behind the oil fill cap. It was apparant that the crankcase ventilation system was obstructed in some way. My solution to getting home without a similar result was to place a 4" x 4" piece of shop rag over the oil fill port and secure it with a tie-wrap creating my own custom crankcase ventilation system (temporarily).

I followed the recommended breather system cleaning procedure found on this website. I plan on replacing the valve cover gaskets once the new set arrives. http://www.omegaowners.com/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1152598350 (http://www.omegaowners.com/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1152598350)

I made it to work today without incident. Just thought I would share my fun morning, forgot to mention that it was -15F when the house and probably played a role in obstructing the breather system.