: 330mpg and lookin funky

Crown Vic Owner
02-21-08, 01:20 AM
At least thats what they are shooting for


The release model, announced in September of 2007, will use LED running and interior lights to reduce energy consumption. A solar panel mounted on the roof of the vehicle prevents the interior from getting about 1˚ to 2˚ above the ambient temperature, while simultaneously charging the battery[15]. The seats can be heated or cooled by forced air, both for comfort and efficiency reasons.[16] While absent on current prototypes, the production Aptera's windows will open.[13]

Radio, CD/DVD/MP3 player, and GPS navigation are integrated into an in-console touch screen StreetDeck system,[17] but the climate controls are physical dials. It will also feature RFID-based keyless ignition and entry and gull-wing doors.[18]

To reduce the ecological footprint of construction, recycled materials will be used for the seats and flooring, and the dashboard and the door panels will be free of heavy metals and plasticizers.[19]

The recharge time on a conventional 110 volt outlet is estimated at 2-4 hours. The battery is augmented with twin supercapacitors for acceleration and regeneration.[10] The engine itself is a "small, water-cooled EFI Gasoline engine with closed loop oxygen feedback and catalytic converter," coupled with a 12 kW generator/starter[12]. Aptera Motors claims acceleration from 0–60 mph (0-97 km/h) in less than 10 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 85 mph.[13] With a tank capacity of "up to five gallons (19 l),"[1] the Typ-1h has a claimed range of 600-700 miles (965-1125 km)[14], compared to the 120 mile (193 km) range of the all-electric Typ-1e.

As with any series plug-in hybrid, the fuel economy varies based on the length of the trip and the initial charge of the battery. For short trips on a full battery, the gasoline engine may not turn on at all. Aptera Motors has stated that the 300 mpg (1.0 L/100 km) figure is for a 120 miles (193 km) trip on a full battery. With a depleted battery or for very long trips, the fuel economy is approximately 130 mpg (U.S.) (2 L/100 km). Aptera Motors justifies this figure by stating that 99% of Americans make daily trips of under 120 miles.[12]

I wouldnt mind one in black to be honest. That thing looks awesome.

02-21-08, 01:37 AM
I wonder though how that would hold up if it was to collide with my Sequoia!

Crown Vic Owner
02-21-08, 02:53 AM
Its made to fly i think when it is in a collision. It seems somewhat safe, i mean, it will just fly over the object it hits.

02-21-08, 05:17 AM
Why can't they make a freaking Normal looking car get 330mpg... :hmm: ... I think more people would buy it that way.

02-21-08, 11:35 AM
I'll stick with my 13mpg and 18mpg gas hogs, it's the American way!